With each purchase you make, you agree to the following non-exclusive licensing terms:

① You may use purchased mockups and assets to create images for both business and personal use, and in both online (i.e. social media posts, website graphics, product images, etc.) and print formats.

② You may alter and make edits to images created using purchased mockups and assets as you wish.

③ Purchased mockups can be used an unlimited number of times for personal projects (for example, using images for multiple businesses and social media accounts that you are the sole owner of). Mockups may be used once for commercial projects (for example, creating social media post imagery for a client’s Instagram account), while use for each additional commercial project requires a separate purchase.

④ You may not sell or redistribute purchased mockups, or claim any purchased mockup or asset as your own.

⑤ You may not share or transfer ownership of purchases and login credentials with others (including clients and customers).

⑥ When using purchased mockups and assets to create a digital or physical product, a single license allows for up to 500 sales and each additional 500 sales requires a separate purchase. To inquire about unlimited useage, please reach out to us via the Contact page.